How to Use Cram Fighter's Mobile App

Cram Fighter's mobile app allows you to view and edit your study schedule from your iOS or Android device. With our mobile app, you can complete, skip, or move tasks, and rebalance your overdue tasks when you need to get back on track. In this article, we list some tips and tricks and explain some of our app's most useful features.

Tip and Tricks for Cram Fighter's Mobile App

Skip or partially complete tasks

Swipe right to see options for skipping or partially completing tasks.

Move tasks

Swipe left to see options for moving tasks to a specific date and for moving tasks up and down.

Jump to a specific date

Go to the Month tab to see an overview of what subjects you are studying each day and week. Here you can select any date you'd like to view.

Rebalance your schedule

Too many overdue tasks?  Go to the Edit tab to rebalance your schedule. Tell Cram Fighter whether you are done studying for the day and select Rebalance. Your overdue tasks will be redistributed over the rest of your schedule to ensure you complete them without on time without overwhelming yourself.

Working ahead?  You can also readjust your schedule when you have made more progress than expected. Move tasks from future days to today and check them off. Then, go to the Edit tab and rebalance your schedule. In this case, you may want to select "Leave overdue tasks where they are," but the it's up to you!

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