Fixing a study plan that has too many tasks

If you create a study plan and find that you have way too many tasks scheduled each day, remember that Cram Fighter will schedule all of the resources that you select. Cram Fighter ensures that there are enough tasks to complete your selected resources by your study blocks' end dates.

So if you find that there's way too much to do, that's Cram Fighter's way of telling you that your schedule isn't realistic. But that's a good thing. Imagine if you tried studying without this information! The solution is simple: either (1) schedule fewer resources or, if you have flexibility with your exam date, (2) spend more days studying.

To choose the first option, remove a resource from your schedule or deselect a few videos or chapters. To choose the second option, change your exam date by clicking Edit Exam. You will also need to extend your study block's end date.

Please note:

Being too ambitious with the amount of material that one can cover is one of the top mistakes that students make. It's better to successfully cover an entire book than fail to get through three separate books. So be conservative with the number of resources you select. If you find yourself ahead of the game, you can always add more resources in the future. Cram Fighter makes this easy with our rebalance feature.

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