Using the Cram Fighter mobile app

Cram Fighter's mobile app makes it easy to view your schedule from your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Once you've created a schedule in our web app, your calendar and your daily tasks will sync seamlessly with the app! With our mobile app, you can:

  • Check off tasks on the go
  • View your calendar
  • Move items in your schedule
  • Rebalance your schedule right from the app

Keep an eye out for updates. Currently, the Cram Fighter app is primarily for viewing your schedule and making minor edits. We're working hard to expand the capabilities of our mobile app.


If you purchased an old version of our app, you'll notice we now require log in information to view your schedule. While our old version has been discontinued, we invite you to check out our app's newest features on If you have the old version of the app and want to purchase the newest version of Cram Fighter, please contact us and we can give you a discount!

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