How Cram Fighter creates a study plan

How it works

Cram Fighter creates a study plan based upon your resources and your study preferences. All you need to know is what resources you'll be using and when you plan to study!  


Cram Fighter assigns tasks each day for every resource you select. 

Cram Fighter will tell you what you need to do each day in order to get through your resources by your selected end date. You may choose the order you go through your tasks by selecting sort by subject or sort by resource. The number of pages Cram Fighter assigns is based upon the number of study hours you select for each day. We use hours as a relative measure. For example, if you select 2 hours on Monday and 4 on Tuesday, we will assign twice as many pages on Tuesday. For more information on study hours, view our video below.

Study Blocks

You may also break up your schedule into "mini-schedules" or study blocks. Study blocks help you break up your overall schedule into parts, perfect for going over a book more than once, or giving yourself a lighter workload while classes are in session. Cram Fighter automatically distributes your tasks evenly over the time you selected with your list of resources.

Rebalancing your schedule

Cram Fighter keeps track of your missed tasks in the  Overdue tab. If you need to reorganize your schedule to catch up, you can use the rebalance feature to automatically redistribute your overdue tasks over the rest of your schedule. To keep your daily tasks consistent, Cram Fighter also rebalancing your schedule when you add or remove a resource. Rebalancing takes the frustration out of rescheduling when you need to accommodate unexpected changes. Cram Fighter constructs your to-do list for you so getting organized and staying on track has never been easier.

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