Checking off completed tasks


Once you've completed a task, click the checkbox in on the left hand side. As you complete your tasks, you're daily summary will be updated in the top row of your task list, so you can see how much work you have left. 

You can always look back over your completed tasks, and you can uncheck any task at any time by simply clicking again. If you do not check off a task on its scheduled day, Cram Fighter moves your task to the Overdue tab. You can check off your overdue tasks at any time, or you may choose to move assign them to a different day, such as your catch-up day. You can also rebalance your schedule in order to evenly distribute overdue tasks over the rest of your schedule.

Tracking your progress

Every time you check a task, your stats will be updated in the Progress tab.

Here you can see information such as how many flashcards you have completed, how many days until your exams, and how hard you have worked each day of the week.

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