How to track your progress with Cram Fighter

Checkmarking tasks

Once you've completed a task, click the checkbox on the left hand side. As you complete your tasks, you're daily summary bar will be updated in the top row of your task list, so you can see how much work you have left.

Please note:

The hours listed in the summary bar refers to the total running time for that day's lecture tasks. It should not be read as an estimate for how long that day's work should take to complete.

By using the dropdown arrow, you also have the option to partially complete a task. Partial completion splits a task into two parts, a completed and a still-due part, which can be moved to another day or completed later. You can uncheck a task at any time.

Keeping track of skipped and overdue tasks

You can also use the checkbox's dropdown arrow to skip a task. To unskip a task, click the skip symbol, and the task will become unchecked. Overdue tasks will appear in your Overdue tab. By going to the Search tab and clicking more options, you can filter by incomplete tasks or by completed/skipped tasks.

Checking your stats

Every time you checkmark a task, your stats will be updated on the Progress tab. This tab breaks down your overdue task and skipped tasks by type, tracks rebalances, and displays the number of days remaining until your exam dates. You can also see how hard you've worked on each day of the week.

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