Why your lecture timings may not match your study hours

You may notice that you are being assigned more hours of lectures than study hours you have allotted for lectures on a given day. This is because Cram Fighter uses study hours as a relative measure. For example, if you allot 1 hour to Monday and 2 hours to Tuesday, Cram Fighter will assign twice as many tasks on Tuesday. For more information on how Cram Fighter uses hours, view our video above.


Cram Fighter does not assume how long it will take our users to finish a lecture task. Users may spend more or less time on a lecture than the listed minutes, since students often skip ahead or pause the video to take notes.

If you see an overwhelming amount of lecture tasks, you make choose either of the following options.


Reduce your number of resources

Removing resources will redistribute your tasks evenly over your schedule. When you see too many tasks for the time you have allotted for studying, this may indicate that you have selected too many resources. Cram Fighter will assign tasks from every resource you select to complete them in the given time.


Extend the end date of your selected study block

If you have flexibility before your exam date, extending the time you will spend studying will give you a more manageable set of tasks each day and allow you to get through more resources.

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