Studying for multiple exams

With Cram Fighter, you can create a study plan that prepares you for your course exams, or a study plan that prepares you for multiple standardized exams, or both!  Watch the video above to see how to create a schedule that prepares you for the USMLE Step 2 and for the Shelf exams you take along the way.

Multiple Standardized Exams

To study for multiple standardized exams, create a schedule for one exam, and then scroll to the bottom of the Edit page. Click Add standardized exam and follow the steps for creating a study plan. You can see an overview for your study blocks from each exam on the Edit Schedule page. In addition, you can use the Search tab to filter tasks, so that you can see which daily tasks correspond to which exam. 

You may create study blocks for different exams that overlap. For example, you might create a long-term Step 2 study block, and then multiple, mini study blocks for each Shelf exam. For another example, you might create a Step 1 study block and a COMLEX study block that run in parallel (you might make your COMLEX study block one week longer to give you time to cover OMM preparation).

Unscheduled days:

Keep in mind that your unscheduled days will apply to all study blocks and to all exams. Catch-up days are study block- and exam-specific.

Class Exams

To study for multiple class exams, you will need to add your courses to Cram Fighter. You can add these manually, but we recommend sending us your syllabi so that we can upload the course for you. You can tell Cram Fighter what you would like to do to prepare before every exam, and how long in advance you would like to start studying. For more information, visit our help page: Adding a course.

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