How to incorporate Doctors in Training into your schedule

Doctors in Training is a lecture series that includes a recommended course order and a companion study guide book. Cram Fighter users have two choices when incorporating Doctors in Training into their study schedule.

Using the DIT's recommended order:
Select DIT's lectures and study guide for your study block and select sort by resource. The DIT study guide reading tasks will sync with lecture series. For more information on sorting your tasks by resource, visit our help article:  How to go through your resources in chronological order.


Sorting by resource will take you through a resource "cover-to-cover." This means any other lecture series selected will be listed on your schedule only after DIT is completed.

Using your own ordering:
To go through DIT lectures in a different order, or to use DIT alongside another lecture series, select sort by subject. DIT's recommended order will cover one subject and then return to it later. Sorting by subject will group these tasks together instead. You may also find helpful our article on how to sort your tasks by subject.
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