How to add practice exams to your schedule

There are three options for including a practice exam in your schedule.

Practice exams as unscheduled days

Using unscheduled days, you can block off a whole day to devote to your practice exam. This option is best for students who want to schedule practice exams or self-assessments throughout their boards study plans. Go to the Edit Schedule page and click  unscheduled days. Then click Add a day off, enter the date, and select practice exam from the drop down menu. On this date, Cram Fighter will schedule a practice test and no other tasks. Checkmarking this task will allow you to track your practice test scores on the Progress page.

Practice exams as standardized exams

Cram Fighter also supports adding NBME - Basic Science or Clinical Science exams. Some med schools require that students take these exams. This option is best for students who want to create a study plan specifically for this standardized exam. To do this, go to the Edit Schedule page and click Add standardized exam. Choose an NBME from the drop down menu and follow the steps for creating a study block.

Practice exams as custom tasks

If you want to take a practice exam on a given day, and continue to study on the that day as well, create a custom task. To do so, click New task from at the bottom of the daily task list for the day you wish to take a practice exam.

Please note:

When you add a practice exam as a custom task, Cram Fighter will not record your score on the Progress tab. Some students may want to record their practice test score, but not block off a whole day for a practice test. In this case, it's best to add a practice test as an unscheduled day, and then move tasks to that date, so that you can continue studying for the boards.

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