How to Work Ahead in Your Schedule

You may already know that you can rebalance your schedule to get back on track when you fall behind, but you can also rebalance your schedule when you work ahead. If you are working at a faster pace than expected, you can rebalance to create an even distribution of tasks over the rest of your schedule. Follow these steps when you plan to work ahead.

Move tasks from future days to today's date.
Check off these tasks as you complete them.
Click Edit and then click Rebalance your schedule.
Cram Fighter will redistribute the remaining tasks in your schedule to account for the extra work you have done.


If you do not move the tasks to today's date before checking them off, those tasks will remain on their original date, even if you rebalance. If you check off a task on a future day, that tasks will remain on that day as a record of what you have completed.

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