Referral Program FAQ

What is the Cram Fighter Referral Program?

We recently launched a way for you to share Cram Fighter with your friends. If you are a current or past paid subscriber, you can get a custom referral link.  You can help us spread the word by sending your friends your custom referral link. You will earn $5 for every friend that purchases Cram Fighter using your link. New subscribers who sign up from the referral links will enjoy 10% off regular priced subscriptions.

Who is eligible to earn Referral payouts?
Currently, current and past Cram Fighter subscribers are eligible to earn payouts for referring new users to Cram Fighter.

Where do I get my referral link?
If you are a current subscriber or have been in the past, you can get your custom referral link from within your Cram Fighter account, by clicking on “Earn Rewards” in the top navigation.

Where can I promote my referral link?
Please only promote/share your referral link to people you personally know, via your social networks, email, your personal blog, texting it, etc.  You can share your referral link directly to your Facebook and Twitter accounts by clicking the “Share your referral link…” button.

We ask that you please do not “spam” your code in public bulletin boards, forums, comment threads, etc. or any other venue that would prohibit your link as an advertisement.

Note: In order for you to earn your referral payouts, your friends MUST sign up after clicking from your unique referral link.

What if I refer someone but they didn’t go through my link?
We’re sorry, but we are unable to track referrals unless they go through your link. Please make absolutely sure your referrals use your link so we make sure you get credit for their signups.

How and when are the rewards paid out?
We'll send you an Amazon gift card to your email. We'll send referral rewards by the 15th of each month for any referrals from your link that signed up in the previous calendar month.

I’m a paid subscriber and I already referred a lot of people to Cram Fighter. Can I get retroactive referral payments?
We can only reward referral payments for referrals generated through your custom referral program link.

Can I get a report of how many referrals I’ve generated?
At this time, we are unable to provide you reporting, but each month with your referral signup payments we will send an update on your referrals who signed up in the prior calendar month. You will also receive an email confirmation for every successful referral.

Is there a maximum number of referrals I can earn?
You can earn rewards for up to 20 people that purchase using your referral link. After 20 signups, you won't be eligible for further rewards.

I want to refer more than 20 people!
Take a look at our Campus Hero program. You can earn huge rewards and get bigger discounts for yourself and your classmates by becoming one of our brand ambassadors at your school.

Campus Heroes and the Referral Program

I’m currently a Campus Hero. What about my school discount code? Will I still be eligible for referral rewards?
Current Campus Heroes - this program will actually help you! People who receive referral links from their classmates but also get a discount code from a Campus Hero, can still use a Campus Hero discount code. In our system, a person can only get 1 discount per purchase and discounts cannot be combined. (For example, someone cannot earn a 30% discount for using the referral link for 10% off regular prices plus a Campus Hero code for 20% off regular prices.)

My friend sent me a referral link and I also want to use my school’s Campus Hero discount code. How does that work?
If someone clicks on a referral link to sign up and then uses a Campus Hero code at checkout, we will award the referred person the Campus Hero discount and the Hero gets credit for the signup.  The person who sent the referral link will also earn their referral reward as well. We don’t want anyone to lose credit for sharing Cram Fighter with other people! Please note, however, our discount codes do not “stack” with the referral program discount, only one discount is allowed per subscription. So you would not earn, for example, a 10% discount for the referral link plus 20% for the Campus Hero code. You would earn the 20% discount from the Campus Hero code only.

Cram Fighter Promotions/Discount Codes and the Referral Program

Can I use a promo code or discount code with my referral link to get additional discounts?
Sorry, only one discount is allowed per subscription. We do not “stack” or combine codes or discounts. With the referral link, you get 10% off regular price plans automatically. But if you enter a promo code during your checkout process, if that promo code is for a higher discount, we will award you the higher discount. And the friend who sent you the referral link will still get credit for referring you.  

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