How to fix a single day that has too much reading

You may notice that your schedule has one disproportionate day, especially if you have a study block that includes both First Aid and Pathoma. This is because Cram Fighter includes a feature that syncs the subjects of readings and lectures. Sometimes, one resource devotes less time, or no time, to one subject, and your schedule will have one heavy day of reading, sometimes with over 80 pages assigned. To fix this problem, choose of the following solutions.

Move these tasks to another day. Spread these tasks out manually by dragging and dropping or by clicking the calendar button. You may choose to move some to a catch-up day. For more information about moving multiple tasks at once, see Moving Tasks.

Allow tasks to become overdue. Then, rebalance. Do as many tasks as you can, and then wait until the next day. Your now overdue tasks can be redistributed evenly by clicking Rebalance your schedule.

Disable reading-lecture syncing. If neither of these approaches works for you, please send us an email at We can then disable reading-lecture syncing for your schedule.

Please note: 

If reading-lecture syncing is disabled, you will see more variation in the number of subjects you cover each day, but less variation in the amount of tasks you have each day.

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