What to do if Cram Fighter allocates an unrealistic amount of time for your tasks

Cram Fighter allocates a specific amount of study time for each of your tasks. You can see this allocated time by clicking the information symbol. "Allocated study time" is the amount of time Cram Fighter gives you to complete a particular task.

Below we list some frequently asked questions about Cram Fighter's allocation of study time.

Please note:

If you're schedule has too many tasks, or if you find that your schedule has disproportionately heavy workloads on certain days, check out the following articles.

Why has Cram Fighter allocated more study time than the length of my lecture?

At Cram Fighter, we know each students works at their own pace. We find many students pause their videos to take notes and rewatch parts of their videos as they study. In addition, students sometimes watch videos at 1.5x speed. For these reasons, students may want to allocate more or less than one hour of study time to watch a one hour lecture. Choose study hours to reflect these study strategies, and Cram Fighter's allocated time will give you a sense of how long each task should take.  

On the summary bar, you can see the total length of your scheduled lectures for the day. The information text is meant to give you a gauge for how long you should spend on each individual video lecture, based on your chosen study hours.

Cram Fighter allocates too little (or too much) time for me to complete my tasks. How do I fix my schedule?

If Cram Fighter's allocated time looks unrealistic, you may want to consider adjusting your study hours. Click on your hours per week on the Edit Schedule page, and make changes to your Book & Lecture, Question Bank, and Flashcard study hours. After you rebalance your schedule, you will see recalculated study times when you click on an information symbol.

Our information text is meant to guide you as you decide how much time to study each day of the week, and how much time to devote to each type of resource. If you find your study schedule is going smoothly, there is no need to make changes to your schedule, even if the allocated study time looks unrealistic. We provide as much information to you as possible to help you make informed decisions about how to improve your study plan.

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