How to get a Cram Fighter discount

To save money on Cram Fighter, choose one of the following options.


Use an association membership coupon code
We've partnered with several medical student associations to provide discounts to Cram Fighter users. Members of the following organizations receive a special 15% Cram Fighter discount.

To find your Cram Fighter coupon code, log in to the member-only area of your association's website.


Use Cram Fighter's referral program
By referring a friend with your personal referral link, Cram Fighter subscribers can earn a $5 Amazon gift card. The person you refer receives 10% off their subscription. If you know someone subscribed to Cram Fighter, ask them to refer you to get a 10% Cram Fighter discount. For more information on our referral program, check out our Referral Program FAQ.

Please note:

Cram Fighter allows only one discount per purchase. Coupon codes do not stack.

Cram Fighter Sales:

We announce promotions and sales periodically from our  Facebook and Twitter pages. Follow us to stay in the loop about discounts.

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